New Balance MT110v2

edited December 2012 in New Balance has the MT110v2 up for presale (feb 2013 release). Says it has a "reworked upper and outsole".

Pete - any inside information the updates?


  • That's the first I've seen of the MT110v2 - if they fixed the slant to the outsole it could be a top pick for me among trail shoes.
  • One of these days, I need to actually try a dedicated trail shoe.  Truth is, I spend too much time on the road (and too little time on trails) to bother.
  • Nice investigative report out on the modified MT110. Thanks, Pete. I really enjoyed the post.
  • I really wish they'd improved the upper.  Mine tore pretty easily.  I'm  waiting for the Mo80, it looks great.
  • No problem, I have spies all over :)

    Bryan - the Altra Superior would be a great one to try, works very well on both roads and trails and is super versatile.

  • Anyone tried the New Balance MT110 update?

    Has the slant been fixed and is the upper material a little more flexible?
  • I don't think the upper has received any change at all in this minor update, just the outsole. But @billblunderbuss would know more:
  • The upper is the same material from what I've seen in stores. My only complaint about the v1 is that I don't like the plastic feeling upper. Otherwise it's a great shoe.
  • The slant has definitely been fixed. As for the upper being more flexible. I already found the shoe extremely flexible and did not notice any differences between both versions.
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