New Balance 730

Is New Balance discontinuing the 730? It looks like Running Warehouse has limited sizes available. I hope not! I love this shoe! I'm a forefoot striker and love my Kinvara 3's, but seem to burn through them quickly. I only have 50 miles on my 730's, but they hardly show any wear. I only get about 200 miles out of Kinvaras. Also, any recommendations on shoes similar to fit, ride, and durability of 730's? Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • Not sure, but there have been rumors of discontinuation almost since the day the shoe was released. The new NB Minimus MR20 is a reasonably comparable alternative, maybe just a tad softer in the sole. 
  • Thanks, I'll have to check those out! Maybe I'll have to add them to my mean my collection!
  • Pete,
    I ordered the MR20 from Zappos, I should be getting them later this week. Could you point me to any links were they have been reviewed? I'm curious about stack heights, etc. Thanks.
  • I haven't seen a review yet. I measure stack at 13mm heel, 9mm forefoot.
  • Thanks. I can't wait to try them.

  • Great shoes, got some last week and quite like them. I like to think of them as a road MT101 shoe. BUT, Worst Laces Ever!!!! They come untied if I even look at them wrong! They come untied while I just sit at my desk!
  • I agree that the 730's have the worst laces! If you like the 730's, you'll also like the new MR20's. I've only ran in them twice, but like them a lot. They are very similar to the 730's. They feel a tad bit lower and softer. With the Vibram sole, I think they'll be more durable. No signs of wear after 11 miles. I'll report back after I get some more miles on them. Oh, and the best thing...the laces are wayyyyyy better than the 730's!! They actually stay
  • I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one having the lace problem with the 730s.

    A question for those of you who have run in the MR20s, is the midfoot any wider in the MR20s than the 730s. Besides a little rubbing on the outside of my right foot, I have loved almost every one of the 200 miles I've put on my 730s in the last 3 months. 

  • The NB MR20 is almost identical as far as midfoot width as the 730. They are built on the same last. As far as sizing, the only difference between the 730 and MR20 is that the 730's are a tad longer.

    The MR20's ride is a tad softer than the 730's and it feels lighter and lower to the ground. Even though the MR20 has a Vibram outsole, it is wearing faster than the 730.

    I find myself reaching for the 730's more than the MR20's when I head out the door for a run. The only advantage the MR20's have over the 730's is: 1) They are lighter. 2) They look better (although that is subjective).

  • Thanks for the input! It sounds like it would be worth it to order another pair of 730s before they disappear and save some money.
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