The perfect shoe?

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I have been running in minimal/low profile shoes for a few years now. I am looking for a shoe that provides a low profile feel to maintain form, enough cushioning for a marathon, some flexibility, and are light enough to do speed/tempo runs in. I think Pete will recommend the Kinvara. Other thoughts on what I should look at? 


  • How wide do you normally fit your shoes?
  • Standard width.
  • When I tried on the Kinvara, I found it to be a little too narrow for my tastes.  The Mirage fit my foot better.  Aside from the durability (at 200+mi, I started looking for a replacement shoe), I very much liked them in all respects aside from wet traction, though I even ran wet trails in the pouring rain with them.
  • Thank you for the info. What else have you run in? Newton makes a light weight cushioned shoe (distance). I see the Adidas Hagio mentioned a lot. Enough cushioning for a marathon? Thanks.
  • I'm just transitioning into the minimal category.  I moved from the Nike Air Structure Triax to the Asics GT-2160.  After that, I went to the Saucony ProGrid Mirage 2 and have only recently moved to the Merrell Bare Access 2.

    I wish I could be of more help.  I hope that you get your question answered!

  • Inov8 makes some really good shoes.  I have the trail 245 and am going to be checking out their road shoes along with the Altra road shoe.
  • @marksilver2 - Newton Distance is solid, good alternative to the Kinvara. I now have three runs on the Brooks Pure Cadence 2 and like it a lot, definitely enough cushion for a marathon. Hagio is probably to firm and stiff for a marathon for me, but the Saucony A5 is great for a flat, and the NB RC1600 is pretty decent as well - could probably go marathon distance in either of those.
  • Have you considered the Brooks Green Silence? Maybe not a true minimal shoe, but lightweight, fast and enough cushioning for long distances. Check Amazon for good deals, I bought two pairs for about $40 each.
  • I've wondered about those.  What's the drop on them?
  • Runningwarehouse lists them as 10mm drop, Runblogger said 8mm, but most people agree they feel flatter than that.
  • I'd say about 8mm on the Green Silence. Very soft shoe if you like cushioning.
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