Brooks Pure Cadence 2 Review
  • Just put up a first impression review of the Brooks Pure Cadence 2. If you have questions or comments on the shoe of your own, please share! Feels firmer than the Flow to me, still not sold on the split toe or Nav Band. Solid choice among transitional shoes.
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  • I'd considered those.  Seems that folks outright hated the first version from some of the reviews I saw.  Never could figure out why, though.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • How wide are the PureCadence 2 compared to the PureFlow or Kinvara 3?
  • Two more runs for me and I'm really liking them. Fit is snug with the included insole, but swapped it out for a thinner one and they fit me fine. Comparable to the Kinvara 3 I'd say.
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