5K to Half Marathon

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Hi guys. I'm a relatively new runner, having started running in September 2012. I went on a C25K and have just finished my first 5K run at a relatively slow time of 42min as I was keeping a friend company. I'm pretty sure I could finish within the 35-40 min window. I'm just wondering, is there enough time for me to train for a half marathon in March 2013? Is it recommended that I do so or should I go for 10K first? If so, how do I go about it? Any suggestions are most welcomed.


  • That's enough time.  If you have a 10K race you could do between the two that would be nice as well.  The great thing about your first 10K and half marathon is that no matter how fast you run them they'll be PRs!
  • Thanks Steve. I figured I should give myself some time to develop more strength considering the fact that I've been a couch potato for the pass 10 years with only my fingers doing all the exercising. In any case, I will go ahead and train for the half marathon and give myself a bigger window to join a slightly race. In the mean time I'll join the 10K on March 2013 and any 5Ks and 8Ks that comes along in between.
  • This can really help develop your aerobic engine.

    Read up on the aerobic heart rate training option 1 in particular.  I've had great results over the last year.

  • Thanks Steve. I'll definitely have a go at it :D
  • You probably can manage it. I ran my first half marathon about six months after I started running and was fine. I'd wait at least a year before trying a full marathon. Go into the half with the goal of just finishing the first one, then as Steve says you have a time to beat next time around.

  • Your first half can be a tough one.  At least for me it was.  I wish I would've done a little more research before heading out to the Start/Finish.  So, did you decide to go for it Elvin?  Here's some last minute tips that might help     <a href="http://forkstofeet.blogspot.com/2013/03/finishing-your-first-half-marathon.html
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