snow/slush trail running

Any recommendations? I have the NB 110s and love them on trails, but have used them mainly on dry or slightly muddy trails.  I'm concerned they won't be enough for serious snow/slush mixture the trails often see in Ohio.  Anybody have experience with any gore-tex type shoes like the Innov-8s? I have yak-trax but usually reserve these for thick snow. Thanks for any comments.


  • Totally off-topic, but what side of Ohio are you on?
  • I went to grad school at OU in Athens, lived in OH for 5 years :) As for shoes, there's now a winter version of the MT110, and the Merrell Mix Master has a Gore Tex version as well. Gore-Tex is great as long as you don't submerge your foot, once you get water inside the shoe it ceases to be a positive addition :)
  • Bryan, I am in NE Ohio, Akron actually, how about you?   Pete, had many friends go to OU and party their butts off.  Any experience with those MT110 boots.  I think those would be great for really nasty weather, but just look goofy.  
  • I grew up in Perry Township, between Canton and Massillon, but have been living in Cincinnati since '99-2000.

    I think Pete is right on in his recommendations.
  • No, for me - MT110s caused me trouble, not going to try the winter version.
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