Cross Training - what do you like?

I live in Northern Michigan and its getting to that time of year where I will not be able to get out and run nearly as much as I would like.  I have signed up to run the Miami Half Marathon which is the end of January.  My plan is to cross train, get outside to run for my long runs, and do speed work on the treadmill when I can't go outside.  I have done CrossFit in the past and wanted a change so I have decided to do P90X2, so far its been great!  Lots of single leg balance work as well as core work.  I think it will be a great addition to my training.  What do you do to cross train when you can't run?


  • I do Crossfit in my Brooks Speed Dragons.  They are great for it.  Very little sole or cushioning, so they work well for Olympic lifts like cleans, and there is great feel for exercises like double unders.  And they are enough shoe for workouts that include limited running intervals.
  • I have not heard much about those brooks, I will have to check them out!  Before I started P90X2 I did crossfit in my Merrell Road Gloves, I am also using those for P90X2.  I like them because its so similar to being barefoot and allows for natural movement.  P90X2 has me excited because of all the single leg balance work and core work.  I think it will make me a stronger runner as well as a more natural runner.
  • I practice Taekwondo with my kids - we go to class together twice per week. If we get a decent snowfall, I hope to o a bunch of snowshoeing this winter - killer workout, way more intense than running after a fresh snowfall.
  • I play field hockey in the spring/summer.
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