proper running form?

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Hey Pete and fellow runners

Can you have a look at my running form to give me some pointers as how I might be able to improve and run more efficiently?

I feel like I'm landing on my toes but when I watch the video It looks as though I mid-foot?



  • Looks like mid-foot to me.

    Let me're wearing out the extreme toe of your shoes kind of like this?

  • Side view looks midfoot, but from behind you can see that you heel does not come all the way down. Definitely no overstride from what I can see (slow motion would be more precise, but this is pretty good). Everything looks good, nothing really jumps out at me except the lack of heel contact. Do you get really tight calves?
  • Bryan-its not so much the tip of the shoe but quite midfoot actually

    Pete- i have noticed the lack of heel contact. I wasnt sure if it was normal or not? I do get tight calves but its not unmanagable and not extreme pain. But then again I only run 6 k each far..
  • Does the mid-foot wear show similarly to the mid-foot area of the shoes in the picture above (my old Mirage II's)?
  • Hey Bryan- yes it does. right in the middle

  • Sadly, I can't really do anything with that information, but I figured larger minds than ours can :-)
  • Lack of heel contact is pretty rare, but it does happen (my wife for example). If it's not causing any trouble, may not be a big deal, but if you are consciously forcing a midfoot/forefoot stride that can lead to this type of gait. When you keep the heel up the leg is overall stiffer and more shock can travel up from the ground so it can somewhat remove the impact moderating benefits of a forefoot strike. Relaxing the lower leg can help - avoid excessive tension in the calves.
  • That's a hard one for me.  Feel like I spend all of my runs screaming "RELAX THE LEGS!" in my head.
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