Best Online Shopping Deals?

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So, does anyone have the scoop on the best deals that are going online this week / weekend for running shoes / apparel / accessories?


  • I keep an eye on Roadrunner Sports.  Seems they always have 20%+ discounts from time to time.
  • Running Warehouse is offering some deals on Friday, and a bunch of stuff on Monday, no specifics though.
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    There is $20 off $100 on a bunch of shoes at Amazon for the next few days. Lots of Saucony, Inov-8, New Balance, etc. Running Warehouse should have some good deals, but none announced yet. RRS has 20% off for VIP members.
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    I've used RRS since high school--back when they didn't even have a website to go look at.  Their VIP setup (with a 60-90 day no-questions asked return policy) is simply awesome and they are very friendly to deal with over the phone.  My ONLY complaint in all those years was how long it took to get my Bare Access 2's, but I think that is much more Merrell's fault than Road Runner's.  They were perfectly willing to honor the coupon I had pre-ordered the BA2's with should I have had to return them and order something else--even though it had long since expired by the time my shoes shipped.  You have to respect that kind of service.
  • Something tells me I don't really want to follow that link...screams "spam" to me.

  • That would be surprising. We don't get many spam posts around here......
  • You're kidding, right?  Seems like over half the threads lately are spam.
  • Is there no way of blocking them, or deleting them?
  • They do get deleted. Just not always right away. They seem to disappear on Sunday.
  • They do get deleted. Just not always right away. They seem to disappear on Sunday.
  • Moderating is a pain, I'm constantly getting new accounts formed with spam posts, huge number have gotten blocked but lots slip through. With the way my life has been the past few months during my career transition I just haven't had the time to get on here as much as I'd like.

    I think I'm going to try manually approving new memberships to see if it helps. I'm also happy to give any of the regulars here moderator status if you'd like to help nail the spam posts when you see them - let me know if interested. 
  • Just to give you an idea, several thousand spam accounts have gotten blocked by the email confirmation step. It's unfortunately the sad nature of running a forum, I had no idea how big a problem spamming was...
  • I actually sent you a tweet awhile ago to volunteer for Mod duty, Pete ;-)

    Don't feel bad, though...I've been a moderator on several forums and spammers are a HUGE problem if you don't take a few steps to get on top of them (email confirmations are an easy step).
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