Adidas Hagio

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I'm considering the Hagio as a new trainer. Anyone know of durability of the shoe? (upper, outsole)


  • For a racing flat, I think the uppper is super breathable but durable. Outsole seems to hold up well too, with substantial grip I might add. One caveat is the laces. I found them to be cheap and light and always coming undone. I replaced them with YANKZ speed laces and the problem was solved. I train with them for intermediate runs and long speedwork days, and I like to race 5k-Half Marathons in them. Great shoe, nice value.
  • I have only ran 100 miles in mine so fart but I think the outsole will last quite long, I am more concerned then about the upper which to me seems very thin and vulnerable and at risk of wearing out quickly. My pair are as good as new and I appreciate the shoe a lot, they are rarely on my feet during training, mainly then for speed workouts (once I have ran 10 miles/16k) in them which worked just fine. They are however my absolute favourite for 5k and 10k racing. I have yet to try them at a half marathon, perhaps will do that next season.


    Agree with the comment above about the laces, I have kept the originals but they need to firm double knot to stay in place during running.

  • Hagio is my 5K race shoe, and is also great for speed work. It's a bit stiff to be a full time trainer for my taste. Don't have enough miles on mine to comment on durability, but I think it should do well for a flat.
  • Awesome review of Adidas running shoes, I find this site super helpful
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