A little more shoe

This is kinda strange as I'm looking at transitioning the wrong way! Long story short (a sordid tale of injury, biomechanics and impatience), I need a little more shoe than the Kinvara, which I love, for my longer runs - over 10 miles. Any recommendations? I like Saucony and was looking at the Mirage or Cortana but would consider anything and price is not a problem. Thanks


  • I'm a big fan of the Mirage, but I only got a little over 200mi out of my pair.
  • have you thought about the brooks pureflow? same 4 mm drop but slightly softer feel
  • Yep have looked at the pureflow and quite like it. Have you run in the knivara and pureflow? how do they compare?
  • i have both. I like the pure flow in longer runs feels like a bit more cushioning but i like the kinvara for speed work. 

    I enjoy both shoes. in different ways but the kinvaras def feel like they have a firmer sole
  • Pureflow or Mirage would be my suggestions, Pureflow has a bit more structure to it compared to the Kinvara, and is springier underfoot. Mirage is like a more structured Kinvara, but haven't run in more recent versions of it. The Cortana is an option if you can tolerate a super cushy shoe, too soft for my taste.
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