Brrrrr, cold weather

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What's the coldest weather you typically run in?  or, alternatively, when do you say "To heck with this, I'm stayin' inside!!!"

I usually jog 2 miles in the morning six days a week, then add a longer run in the afternoon a couple of times a week.  I'm good to around 20 degrees, below that, it's not much fun.  This morning it was 9 degrees with a brisk 5 to 10 mph breeze, so I skipped the morning jaunt.  What's your limit? 


  • My GSD, co-worker and I did a 15km run just this past Saturday when it was -17ºC (3ºF) with a windchill making it feel like -24ºC (-11ºF).
  • I used to have to run for XC/Track in whatever weather northeastern Ohio could dish out.  I did most of it in shorts, too.
  • i am inside if under 35 deg F unless i am in a race...
  • @tintallie, what type of clothes do you wear in that cold?  Gloves?  Hat?  I'm pretty sure my face would freeze..........
  • I systematically layer to stay warm.

    From top to bottom:

    Head: icebreaker balaclava, icebreaker earflap toque or toque that I knit myself.

    Torso: short sleeve and long sleeve icebreaker shirts and a pearl Izumi Softshell jacket
    Option 2: two icebreaker long sleeves with one thicker than the other, Patagonia gore-tex shell jacket

    Legs: icebreaker long underwear leggings, craft storm xc tIghts

    Hands: the North Face winter running gloves, icebreaker RealFleece mittens or Outdoor Research gloves

    Feet: icebreaker, balega or Smart Wool socks

  • Thanks for the info.
  • No problem :) I find merino wool to be a great fabric for layering because it retains heat even when it is wet from condensation and sweat and it doesn't retain odors.
  • Just to chime in, I have yet to find a lower temp limit here in NH that would cause me to opt for the dreadmill. As tintallie says, layering does the trick, and after about a mile you'll be plenty warm under most conditions. Tights, balaclava, mittens, Windstopper hat, long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker usually is all I need. Sunglasses to keep the wind out of the eyes, and if you have a pair that has a clear lens to switch in that can be helpful on cloudy days.
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    In all honesty, if I won't run outside in shorts, I'm not running outside.  I've pretty much come to that point...I hate running in pants of any kind that much.

    Now...I'll run outside in shorts down to at least 40 if not slightly lower...
  • yeah.. i am struggling to get out there today and its only in the low 40s here in NJ .. but i had to have to put on all the clothes.. etc..
  • Just remember @mtm1208 you need to start the run feeling cold.  If you feel warm from the layers at the start, you will heat up too quickly, sweat and feel damp and cold if your layers don't wick away the sweat.
  • I dress for 20 degrees warmer than it is. Within a mile and a half I'm all warmed up.
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