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I just got a smartphone for the first time, and I'd like to try using an app on it for tracking runs.  I have a Garmin watch which works great for me, but I'd like to experiment with using the phone since I'll generally be carrying it anyway.  Curious to hear what others are using and which ones work well.

Features I'd like are auto-pause, a manual pause button, ability to look at mile splits after the run.  Might be cool to be able to program interval workouts. Less concerned about social aspects - I'm a dailymile user and like my group of friends there so I'll continue to use that site. Not a dealbreaker, but kind of interested in one that would let my husband see my route online while I'm out.


  • Don't have an Android, but Running Shoes Guru reviewed some apps here:
  • Endomondo is a good application to start (and probably stay) with, it supports most, if not any of the above mentioned functions - not sure if those are supported only in the non-free option. But it is cheap...

    Strava Run might be an interesting application to try, especially if you're a competitive type.
  • I use both Runkeeper and Endomondo.  I like Runkeeper for the accuracy and ability to set my alerts closer together.  Since I don't have a Garmin watch yet, I like to get updates of my pace and distance often.  Endomondo only gives that info every mile, but they are working on updating that.  My biggest gripe with Endomondo (and this is huge) is it isn't as accurate.  It cuts off my distance when I turn around or run through a cul-de-sac.  It thinks I've stopped and the auto pause would kick in when I used that feature.  I've lost a half mile in runs on a few occasions.  The only reason I still use both is Runkeeper died on me once so I like having Endomondo as a back up.
  • Can you get mile splits with Runkeeper?  Some info I saw online said that the Runkeeper Android app wouldn't give you mile splits.
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    No, it doesn't look like it does.  You'd have to do a little math in your head which is far from ideal. I have mine set up to give me Time, Distane, Avg. Pace and Current Pace every quarter mile.  You can set it to be less frequent.

    The audio can give you any combination of this info:
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Avg Pace
    • Avg Speed
    • Current Pace
    • Current Speed
    • Avg Heart Rate
    • Current Heart Rate
    • Avg Heart Rate Zone
    • Current Heart Rate Zone
    Endomondo does give you mile splits, but as I mentioned before, it's a bit suspect unless you're running fairly straight distances.  Any sharp turn arounds will be cut off.

    Both apps are free ... run both and see which you like.

  • Correction - I went back to look at your original post.  You wanted splits after your run.  Runkeeper most definitely does give you splits on the website.  It does not give you audio splits during the run like Endomondo.  Endomondo also gives you splits in the app after the run so you don't have to go to their website.
  • What?  Runkeeper will definitely give you mile splits...
  • I've used mapmy run and endomondo. Haven't tried runkeeper but endomondo has the features you want. its worth it to pay for the upgraded pro version to lose the ads,
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