Inner Ankle Pain..

Anyone ever have this? About two weeks ago after a track workout my inner ankle has started to hurt right around the actual ankle bone. After running it swells up (no bruising) and has been messing with my support quite a bit. It causes discomfort during running but nothing that has actually made me stop running. In the morning the swelling will be gone.

I feel like this may be caused from shoes with too much cushioning. I went on a run in my Wave Universe 4's and my ankle responded better then in my Kinvara's.

Anyone have any experience with this?


  • Could be posterior tibial tendonitis - wonder if you are caving in the medial side of the Kinvaras. How many miles do you have on them? Universe is flatter and firmer and less likely to cave medially. 

    Tibialis posterior muscle supports the arch and resists eversion of the foot (inward roll). I got a case of PTT from running in the New Balance MT110 which I attributed to the medial slant of the sole, never happened in any other shoe. Stopped running in the shoe and it never came back.
  • I have about 200 on my Kinvaras but am thinking the squishy sole is causing this. I have a pair of Adidas Adipure Gazelle's in the mail so I will try those with the Universe. Anything you would recommend to help with the healing other than changing shoes?

    Thanks Pete!
  • My Kinvara's felt dead after about 200 miles. You can try icing and see if that helps, mine pretty much went away on it's own one I stopped using those shoes.
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