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For those who have made the transition to minimalist shoes, what shoe do you recommend for long training runs and a marathon if all else is equal (fit, price, etc).  I realize it's a personal choice, but I'd be interested in hearing who likes what.  I haven't run long in a while, and have really only run about once a week for the past year since I have switched to Crossfit for general fitness.  I've got the itch to start running again for real, and based on Pete's review I bought and have have put a few runs on my Adidas Hagios.   They are great, but I just did an 8-miler in them and I wonder if they aren't too firm for marathon training mileage.  I was a big fan of my Kinvara 2s, and ran my last marathon (a year and a half ago) in them.  I am looking forward to trying the Grid Type A5 and the Kinvara 3, and will likely settle on one of those two, but I figured I'd see if anyone on here has been through the same decisionmaking process.



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    I just went through this myself and settled on the Altra Instinct 1.5.  I don't have a wide foot but prefer shoes that let my forefoot splay naturally and have found the Kinvaras to be too narrow up front.  The Altras are extremely comfortable, zero drop and still have excellent protection underfoot.  

  • Thanks!  I hadn't even considered that shoe.  I'll have to give it a try this weekend, asuming I can find some in stock somewhere.
  • For me, Kinvara has been my marathon shoe for my last two marathons, but A5 might be the choice if I do one in the Spring. If you've been having good luck with the Kinvara, I'd say stick with them, the 3 is a nice update.
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    I run in the Hagios, Kinvara (3s and TR), Altra Lone P, all great shoes, but for +20 milers on tarmac you also could look into the Newton Distance Racers, Id say they have a fairly wide toebox and supportive due to a relative stiff midsole. For long trailruns, the Lone Peaks are great.
  • A quick report back-- I bought the Kinvara 3s.  They felt good during a brief run at my local running store, and I liked the Kinvara 2 when I put a fair amount of miles in them a couple years ago.  The strange thing is, even though I've now done a 10 miler and a 7.5 miler in them, they don't remind me anything of how I remember the 2 feeling.  They are firmer than I remember, and the wider toe box (that most all of you love) is roomier than I need.  So roomy in fact, that the bottom loop of the laces makes the shoe buckle somewhat when I lace them.  That having been said, I love the shoes, and they seem to be just the right combination of minimal and cushioned that I definitely expect they will be my marathon shoes in February.  I'll stil do speed work in the Hagios.  Thanks for everyone's thoughts.

  • If the Kinvara 2's were a better fit, you can find those super cheap at various places right now - maybe time to stock up!
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