Winter Running Shoes - Merrell Mix Master Waterproof, Others???

Been asked a few times recently to recommend winter shoes, and just put up a post suggesting the Merrell Mix Master waterproof as a top candidate for winter running.

Anyone have other suggestions for winter options worth reviewing?


  • Free shield?
  • I guess my concern about the Free would be a lack of traction, which is why I look to hybrid road/trail shoes for winter. I've heard a bit about Icebug, anyone tried those? Saucony Xodus also has a 4mm drop version with goretex.
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  • I don't have any experience with the New Balance Minimus Multi-Sport 10, but I may give it a try. Either that, or the New Balance Outdoor 80, when it's available.

    What sounds appealing to me about these shoes are their relatively light weight. The problems I seem to have with most hybrid shoes are their relatively high stack height which tire my feet out and their weight which seem to hover around 10 or more oz.
  • You may also want to try out the New Balance MT110W - the winterized version of the MT110. I did a little video preview of it the other day here:
  • The MO10 is a decent choice if you get a good fit - forefoot is wide but fairly low volume. The MT110W looks interesting, but I had such a bad experience with the slanted sole of the MT110's they sent me that it has scared me off the line.
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