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Altra Superior Review



  • I finally got a chance to get back out in my Superior's (after my fateful first run where I fell).  I would say overall that I really like them.  I wore them on a long (21 miles, 4 hours) trail run with lots of vertical and a decent amount of technical terrain.  The fit was much better after I messed with the lacing (adding a runner's loop) to take up some excess slack.  I wear 13s (a 12.5 in most other long run shoes).  With the addition of Drymax trail socks, the excess room was mostly filled by the sock, providing a pretty darn good fit.  They were comfortable for the duration of the run.  And I they traction was very good.

    At the end of the run, I had a fair amount of sand that came in through the upper mesh.  And I could definitely feel the effects of pounding on the rocks over four hours, leading to question how valuable the removable rock plate is for me. That said, I am a larger runner and the force I apply may not be representative of the ultra running community at large.  But those were my only complaints.  I am training for a 50 mile race in March, and I don't know that I am ready to commit to the Superior as my shoes for the event, but it most certainly has a firm place in my training rotation.
  • Did my first run in the Superiors this week - impressed so far. Like the flexibility and slight softness over other Altra shoes, and they work equally well on trails and roads, which is important for most of my runs. I'd probably rank this as the top Altra shoe I have run in so far.
  • I have now run in the Superior several times. The more I wear them the more I appreciate them. I have used them both on the trail and on the road. They perform well for me on both surfaces. I have removed the rock plate but left in the insole.

    They are super comfortable and have adequate room for a wider foot. Right now I am rotating the Superior and the NB MT1010.

    Overall I would recommend the Superior. Two minor drawbacks - 1) relatively heavy 2) like another poster I have noticed some incidental contact between my right foot and my left calf that I don't typically experience in my other shoes.
  • I have been running in a pair of lone peaks for the past year and felt pretty good. Got a new pair of superiors today and it looks like they are a half size small. The other thing I am concerned about is the tongue design. It looks like it has a strange tongue design with folds in it. Have any of you noticed performance issues with the tongues design... comfort, keeping dirt out...?
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