My Battle With Plantar Fasciitis

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Just published a post on how I overcame a long-term battle with plantar fasciitis.


  • I found that while switching over to a forefoot strike helped with shin splints, I am now in the midst of battling plantar fasciitis too. What worked for me was foam rolling my soleus and gastrocnemius muscles along with stretching the arches by dorsalflexing and stretching the calves and hamstrings in downward facing dog.

    When I skip out on stretching and rolling, I can feel the PF creep back.
  • I use a foam roller for quads and IT band because it's easy to apply pressure but I don't understand how to apply pressure to calves or hamstring. Wouldn't the Stick ( work better for calves? Or maybe I'm not getting the technique. How do you use a foam roller on calves?
  • I put one leg on top if the foam roller and cross the other leg on top of the leg in the roller and suspend my butt up by pushing on the floor with my hands. Then I roll my leg forward and back.
  • I do exactly what tintallie describes - maybe I'll take some photos and post a blog on it.
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  • Great, this worked fine, thanks!

  • When increasing mileage (too fast?), i also experience some PF, especially if I run a lot on VFF. Rotating shoes (At least 1 pair with a bit of drop) throughout the week helps for me, as does stretching my calves.
  • I'm also suffering and beginning to realise that perhaps for me tight calves are the problem. Rolling a golf ball, Strassburg sock and custom made insoles have all helped for a bit but then the problem ultimately still persists. I would describe my flexibility as poor and although I stretch a bit it's 'not as much as I should' so i think it's time to try a new tactic. I'm naturally a midfoot striker with high rigid arches so feel that it's best to stick with flexible shoes with some cushioning but this problem has now been going on for 9 months on this occasion with no end in sight.
  • Have you seen anyone for treatment? I think active release massage by my chiropractor helped me.
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  • Yeah I had the same problem and I needed ART (active release technique) to finally allow my calves to relax.  I also roll on my black roller once a day.
  • I haven't seen anyone for treatment on this occasion. I have orthotic insoles from when this happened 12 years ago and I've started using them during the day although not for running. Previously I used these insoles until the problem went away and then put them into the cupboard. 12 years ago I think the cause was a change of job from office base (sitting down) to retail (standing up) and an increase in mileage for marathon training (I had a 5,000m / 10,000m background.

    I've now begun to actively work on the calves and my general flexibility. Stretching and foam roller mostly. Whilst i don't feel that my calves are tight but I also feel think they must be.

    I will look at Active Release massage. My wife had a similar problem 12 months ago and had an operation where her calf was snipped. Seemed to work.
  • So an hour of stretching before my run helped things today. Good, but can't do that everytime.
  • Hammer the lower legs with the foam roller and see someone who can do some soft tissue work to mobilize the calf - might help to progress things quicker.
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