Barefoot-Style, Minimal, and Transitional Shoe Recommendations

7Just posted a list of my top shoe recommendations among barefoot-style, minimalist, and transitional running shoes. Any key shoes I'm missing that I need to add or try out for a review?


  • Where do you stand on Brooks Launches at this point? I ask in part because I run in them and am looking to transition to something more minimal. I love how Kinvaras feel in the shoe store, but wonder if moving to them from Launches might be too much, too soon. On the other hand, the Sauconys you recommend as "mild transitional shoes" feel too structured/supportive, compared to the Launches (I haven't tried the Adipures). Thoughts? I should note that I wear zero-drop shoes (Altra Instincts) most of the day.
  • The Launches would fit within that "mild transition" category I think, but they are being discontinued so I didn't include them. I don't think the Kinvara is necessarily too big a step if you transition gradually, and you could also take a look at the Mirage or Cortana. The Brooks Pure series could also be worth a look, or maybe the Mizuno Ronin for a milder step.
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  • What about trying the Skora Base?
  • I have the Skora Form, wear tested it last year. Need to put some miles on it and write up a review.
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  • I know you test a heap of shoes but the inov-8 trailroc series is pretty good. I've just moved from the NB Minimus MT00 to the trailroc 245's and really rate them.

  • The Trailrocs and the NB MT1010 are on my short list for next trail shoes reviewed, just need more time to run!
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  • I noticed your link needs fixing.  It's currently:

    What do you think of the Brooks PureCadence?  Also curious if the outsole on the PureFlow is carbon or blown rubber.
  • Thanks, fixed it.
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  • Hi Pete,

    did I miss what you have to say about Skora? :)

    I'm curious about their new models, and your opinion (if any!) about them...
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