Minimus trail shoes for road running?

I purchased a pair of New Balance Minimus 1010 trail shoes yesterday.  I bought them instead of the Merrell Dash Glove because they were sold out at this store and I didn't feel like driving across town to get the Merrells.  I just found out that they are trail shoes.  But I also realized that there was NO WAY I was going to be able to run my tempos and hills in the Merrell Dash Gloves in a Canadian winter.  (weak treads, no socks) I love the feel of the shoes as well as the strong treads and wide forefoot.  As they seem to be pretty similiar to the Minimus MO10 and I'm wondering if they will still do the job for my weekly tempo/hills and 10K's.

the madscribbler
domine vobiscum


  • I had a friend who loved his MT10's for trail work, but just couldn't live with it for road running because there wasn't enough cushioning.
  • I think the 1010 is more cushioned than the MT10. My feeling is if they feel ok running on the road and don't cause you any trouble, no reason why you can't use them for that purpose. I've run a lot of miles on roads in trail shoes.
  • Thanks!
    I tried the shoes out for an 8K run on Tuesday morning and LOVE the way they feel.  I like the simplicity of a minimalist shoe but still need some cushioning.  I still may try out the Merrell barefoots in the spring.

    the madscribbler
    domine vobiscum
  • Glad they're working!
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