New Balance MRC5000

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Hi Peter,

Just wanted to know if you ran again on those New Balance MRC5000, I like the superlight weight shoes and considering buying those New Balance but they are expensive at a $125, I wanted to make sure that I am not going to lose the small plastic pieces of the outsole after 20 miles....

I am running 5K Races 49 years old, PR 23.44... Running 20 miles x week.

Please advise.


  • Not a huge number of miles on my 5000's - I found the Saucony A5's and fell in love with them during my half-marathon training so they got the bulk of my miles. The MRC5000's are nice, but a bit narrow through the midfoot so if you have at all a wide foot you may not like them. Forefoot is fine for me, but the area under the arch is not wide enough. Sole durability will be highly individual - the A5's have similar plastic nubs and mine show almost no wear after 90+ miles.
  • I love the MRC 5000s. They are definitely fast. I ran the 2013 Apple Blossom 10k in them last weekend and placed 49th out of 1457 runners. I am debating on wearing these for a half marathon in a couple weeks. I should probably do a 10 mile practice run to see how my legs feel. I have a review of them up on
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