New Balance HI-REZ

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Short video showing the ultraminimal New Balance HI-REZ (source: Damien Tougas, Toe Salad). Seems to me that durability will be the big question with this one.


  • Hopefully the upper material is not that of the Trail 00. The paper like upper messed with the fit of the shoe for me.
  • The upper is obviously much more comfortable than in the MT00's. Just got a severe craving for these!

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    I've seen some positive comments about this new model, but I have some personal reservations about the shift of many of New Balance's models to the more extreme "minimal" end of the spectrum. The HI-REZ looks very comfy, but scarily minimal. The upper does look very different from that of the MT00.

    With the Minimus Road 10 evolved into essentially a 4mm drop version of the the Minimus Road Zero, I'm waiting to see what is going to fill the void between something firmer like the old MR10 and a cushier shoe like Saucony's Kinvara.

    I'm curious about the HI-REZ, but I'm looking more for a versatile Swiss Army knife of a shoe rather than something more narrowly specialist. Just going by appearance, I can't help but think that the HI-REZ looks more like a concept shoe rather than something that I would spend a lot of time actually using. I'm open to being proved wrong on that though. I'm more eagerly waiting to see what the new Road 1010 and the 730v2 delivers. They look promising to me.


  • tango, you might be interested in the 1690:

    If by Swiss army knife you meant a shoe that handles all terrain, it looks to be right up your alley.
  • Thanks for the tip, Dan! Will keep an eye out for these this summer.

  • IMHO, shoes like the HI-REZ are what's wrong with the minimalist "movement" for the reason @tangovoxtrot mentioned plus the fact that they cost so much for a shoe that in my mind has serious durability concerns.  If it's about making the larger populace run better, faster, and lighter, making shoes that are expensive and flimsy is not going to do it. 

    You make your bread-and-butter cars better by making your Honda Accord faster,

    not by trying to build another NSX.
  • Something I would live to try once, but doesn't seem like something you can always put on your feet and only can afford me one pair of shoes at a time. Like many I have my doubts about durability too.
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    Dan, thanks for the recommendation of the 3090. I've tried that shoe and the heel area does not fit properly for me.

    There's a glowing customer review of the shoe on the New Balance site now. Apparently, the concerns about the shoe's durability have not been borne out by the reviewer's experience with the shoe.

    I think there is probably a bit of perception problem with the shoe in so far as many potential customers will look the shoe and be skeptical about it. I wonder about whether the stitching with rub and chafe against my foot, heel slippage, and whether the front of my foot will be adequately protected without a more substantial toe bumper.

    I think it will work best as a very specific training tool. It looks like a luxury item for those who can afford to have it. In the meantime, I'm waiting to see what will fill the void vacated by the the original Minimus Road, something that would be a viable alternative to the Kinvara.
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