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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • Despite the smell, were they still holding up?
  • Pretty much. I was concerned about the exposed foam on the sole, but it was fine. Only other slight issue was the attached sockliner coming unglued and bunched under the pad of my big toe. 
  • You had that happen, too?  My Bare Access 2's are having that problem (sockliner ungluing under big toe).  Nothing to do about it, eh?

    Personally, I wouldn't toss shoes for smell unless they were absolutely unwearable--that is to say causing me literal pains in my legs or body.  I smell enough as it is...the shoes only add to the ambiance.
  • In my bachelor years, I would do the same (even with the freedom from scrutiny to buy enough shoes to rotate 4 pairs + spikes + flats). But with marriage comes the disgust of smelly shoes. The car ride my wife gave me to the train station for a race last week pretty much sealed the fate for these suckers. 
  • Coincidentally I've run some 280 miles in my pair now, since getting them in April. Yes, they do smell horribly, but not worse than the MT10v2's,110's or any other of my shoes. Bad smell is really the only drawback to going sockless, and I just leave my shoes outdoors most of the times because of that. Have not noticed any durability issues as yet, though I expect them to last at least another 250 miles.

    I am with Bryan here - replacing shoes because of the smell seems like throwing away money to me, but that is of course your choice. They are certainly laughably cheap at that dealer right now and I have been thinking about getting me a second pair as backup, but will probably put my money on the Hi-Rez instead.

  • That is why you throw them in a bag and make sure that bag is kept clean.

    For the record, I'm married as well.  I go to races alone, lol.
  • I suppose that the WAF is close to zero when it comes to smelly shoes ;)
  • Cold cycle, Penguin Sport Wash and on their third set of newspaper, not 100% like new but I would say 80%. Should have tried this first as the Ferus was going to by my next purchase, but nice to know they are this easy to clean. 
  • How are these fitting for you guys without socks?
  • I find the fit excellent; neither too tight nor too loose. But then I fitted them without socks and have no intention to ever wear socks in them (despite the smell :)). I could use a very thin sock I suppose, but it would probably shred within days :\

    My only gripe with the MR10's at the moment is that strange "edge" on the lateral side of the insole, where I sometimes get a blister on my right pinky toe. I suppose I could use a 2E in this shoe...
  • As documented way back in this thread, I followed the "half size up" thing when I first got them and they fit horribly. Standard sizing with no socks. With socks, even a thin one, the dead feeling is just too much to take. The experience without socks is staggeringly different. 
  • So these have the same dead feeling in the midsole that the MR00 had?
  • Hey Guys, so, I was wondering, the New Balance MT00, is it good for xc racing?  I have a wide foot so I don't usually like the racing flats (usually a little narrow for me) and the minimal shoes are wider.  Our races are one dirt, asphalt, and grass.  There is a bit of that crushed granite rock stuff (bit smaller than golf balls).  Good idea, bad idea, thoughts, comments?  Thanks!
  • The mt00 does not have much protection underfoot. The sole is covered with small holes in the rubber to add flexibility, but makes it easier for stuff to poke through. I personally like the mt110 for trail running. Better underfoot protection and a more aggresive tread.
  • I've taken to running a hose in my shoes this summer after a run to rinse them out. Seems to help reduce stench. Got the idea from Emmanuel Mutai after reading Running With the Kenyans.
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