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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • I certainly sympathize with your difficult position, and I wish I had taken my pair out for an initial run this morning; that might have given us a bit of feedback on the tilting issue. Unfortunately we have very hard winds here right now, and I ran long yesterday, so I passed. Tomorrow we might get a foot of fresh snow together with even stronger winds, so it's unlikely that I will get out for a few days.

    That tilting feeling is of course a source of concern - will it go away during running, or will it slowly cause injury to the ankle or foot? I have no intention of returning my precious MR10's, so I guess I will find out eventually!

    Perhaps we should all start a fundraiser in order to get Pete off his day time job, so that he can focus entirely on testing all the new shoe models out there ;)  (I do know about his forthcoming plans for the blog, but progress seems a bit slow :))
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    I finally tried a pair of the MR10v2 in a 10D and here are my impressions of the shoe from the few minutes I got to spend with them.

    The shoe seems to run long and the last is very close to that of the MR10v1. The upper is very thin and flexible. I wonder about its durability.

    I did not detect an inward tilt or and only a slight arch bump but I have a theory about what may be creating those impressions. The midfoot width seems to be somewhere between that of the MR10v1 and the MR00 (narrower than the former and wider than the latter). However, the edge of the rubber sole is raised to cup the foot. This is something that was done with the MR00 as well, but this raised area appears to be quite a bit higher in the MR10v2 and is especially noticeable around the lateral edge of the midfoot. The design appears to be way of stabilizing the foot inside the lightweight upper. I think that raised contact point is what is creating the impression of an inward tilt and a supportive arch. This raised lateral edge also makes the entire lateral side of the shoe rather straight so it is pretty snug around the midfoot and big toe area. This is similar to what was observed with the Merrell Glove shoes.

    Occasionally, the MR10v1 also gives me the impression of tilting inwards slightly and the MR00 in a D width are narrower than the v2s. I'm really uncertain about how this shoe is going to be received by the masses. I think it may provide too unusual an experience for the majority but I might be wrong about that. I think that I will eventually get a pair but perhaps not for a few months. I'm still enjoying my MR10v1s!
  • Look at the lateral aspect near the midfoot where it says vibram. It has this weird, stiff bump that has no mobility because.its fused so that the vibram logo is centered. This one stupid aspect hurts my lateral foot and feels like my foot rolls in. On the bottom there's hexagons that should be Seperate entities but are fused thus not allowing motion with dorsiflexion to plantarflexion. It sucks. I love every other aspect of the shoe.

    I want to cut a slit in the hexagons on the plantar surface of the foot and see.i that allows motion.

    Also, size fitter is wayyyy off on runningwarehouse. Said i was between a 10 to 10.5 because i wear 9.5 for MR00... Not even close. Im a 9.5 in both MR00 and MR10v2.

    This shoe does feel like a slightly more cushioned mr00.
  • Revising up my initial opinion of this shoe on the basis of how different it feels sockless, which I normally do not do. The upper is far more comfortable and the fit is perfect. Still not especially quick (but that is what flats are for, right?) and still unsure about the midsole material's responsiveness. RevLite may just not be for me; the grams that are saved in using this material over Acteva aren't worth the instability at compression, in my opinion. Have had some minor IT band aches on runs over 6 miles in this shoe, though that could also be related to the amount of quad and hip work we've been doing at the gym lately. 
  • "Perhaps we should all start a fundraiser in order to get Pete off his day time job, so that he can focus entirely on testing all the new shoe models out there ;) "

    One more month, one more month..... :)
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  • Good news, Peter, and I hope spring is coming to NH soon; you seem to have had the same type of late winter weather as here in Sweden. The snow is finally starting to clear though, and I now have some 30+ miles in the MR10v2's. Despite getting the occasional blister on my smaller, right foot, they are very comfortable. I always run sockless, even during winter, and I believe all Minimus shoes perform their best that way. They certainly live up to my expectations as a little wider and a bit more cushioned MT10 replacement. In a way I miss the ground feel I get in shoes with lower stack height, but during long runs - up to and above marathon - I am sure that I will appreciate the MR10's more. To me they feel responsive enough, but then I don't have a lot of experience with different shoe models, and may very well find with time that there are plenty of better shoes out there. But for how ever long they will last, these are my current road running shoes for all occasions and all distances!

  • I like the MR10v2 a lot, my only big issue with them is the burrito upper - too much loose material on the inside in the region of midfoot.
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  • Well, I can't say it bothers me really, but I do notice that they are a lot less snug in the upper than most of my other Minimus shoes. I may have wider feet than you though, so in a way I like not being restricted by the shoe. Doesn't seem to affect my gait in any negative way.

    I look forward to a more thorough review when you have the time!
  • For reference:
    Male 35 yo
    Marathon 3:13
    HM 1:29
    10K 39:10
    run approx. 30-40 km/week

    My impressions coming from the brooks green silence which I have been training/racing exclusively in the past six months, so this will be a comparative review.

    Didn't have a specifically engineered (and marketed) "minimal" shoe before this - but have come to realise that racing flats such as the gs already are pretty minimal, in some aspects more so than the mr10v2 (but in others not, as I will come to).

    Liked and I'm used to the burrito upper lacing - however: the upper is much more plush and substantial compared to the gs. This felt good at the very beginning when putting the shoes on but translated into a hot shoe whilst running, which I personally don't like. Might be nice in wintertime though I didn't have any problems with cold feet in the gs (which has a skimpy upper and is a very well ventilated shoe) throughout swedish winter.

    Last is very similar to the gs which is a good thing - roomy enough for all toes to spread out.

    The outsole sucks big time. Those stupid hexagons prime example of form over function, being a pebble magnet. Have to stop regularly to pick out small rocks. Never had to do this with the gs since it's sole is uniformely flat. I don't give a sh** if the outsole looks cool since it'll be under my feet, out of sight.

    For some reason NB has put a hole right through the midsole and outsole in the forefoot. For drainage/flexibility i suppose. I hate this since even running on moist asphalt makes my feet wet. I don't sweat a lot nor am I a triathlete so I have no use for drainage.

    Road feel is very similar to my 10 mm drop (though some say it's 8 mm) gs. I am a midfoot/forefoot runner and can't really tell that the drop is 6 mm lower in the minimus. Maybe feels a tad slower. However - if you really have to it's possible to lightly heel strike in the gs without discomfort (don't do this normally but found it a big help in the final 5k of the marathon when I had cramping/fatigue issues). Heel striking in this way is not possible in the minimus, I won't be taking this shoe to a marathon.

    As mentioned, the feeling is very similar to the gs, and I belive my running form is not altered much in this shoe. However, where I can go upwards 30+ km in the gs without feeling my legs, the mr10v2 just kills my achilles after approx 12 km (which surprised me considering how similar it felt on the go). I guess this is the point of the shoe, that it works the calves more. Running in it will probably strengthen my leg muscles/tendons which I guess is good. However - it doesn't feel fast at all, and I don't really want to try to pick up the pace in this shoe being careful not to injure my achilles/calf muscles.

    Having come to this conclusion I will have to save this shoe for form practice/easy runs. And I also realise I have to get another racing flat which feels faster than the gs since I find easy runs kind of boring. I really like going far at a very brisk pace. Considering the saucony a5 or the adizero adios2. Any suggestions?
  • Sorry that you didn't really like it, MaxPax, but we are all different and want different things from a shoe. It's funny you should mention the rock collecting outsole, as that was the first thing I noticed about the shoe; I have a gravel road that takes me out on my runs, and I could both hear and feel the small rocks lodged in the sole. Not that I felt the need to remove them during my run, but I always dug them out when I got home. Now that I read that you hate it, I suddenly realized that I haven't been thinking about it at all for the last month or so. Not sure why, but it just doesn't bother me any longer. 

    Whether they are comfy during swedish winter I will have to find out later this year ;)

    I believe, without having tried it myself, that the A5 would be a good racing flat for you; Pete seems to like them a lot, and so do others. They do have drainage holes in the outsole though... :)

  • edited June 2013
    What I guess disappointed me was that I thought I was getting something markedly different from the shoe I was used to but instead it turned out to be very similar though inferior shoe in some aspects. Impressions are very much based on expectations I guess. Objectively it's not a bad shoe taken by itself, just not a great one for me.

    The A5 does indeed seem to be getting rave reviews from many people. Considering my experience with the mr10v2 i just wonder if 4mm drop is too taxing on my calves on really long runs. The flexible forefoot in the mr10v2 could be at play here, though - generating greater dorsiflexion and tension in each step than I'm used to. If the A5 is stiffer the low drop might not be a problem. The adios2 is also getting rave reviews all around. I just wonder if it feels too similar to traditional running shoes.

    Would love if someone could pitch in who has ran in the green silence as well as the a5 and adios2 and could tell me what to expect in either instance. Oops - just realised I'm about to derail the mr10v2 thread :) - If this is met with silence I guess I have to start a new thread on the main page...
  • I dare say that you will not get many answers through this thread as it has been rather "dead" for some time now - I guess there are but a few of us who actually use the MR10v2, and the rest of the forum members are not likely to enter the thread at all.

    So starting a new thread, or joining an existing one about the A5, will get you quicker feedback.

    Hope you find some other shoe that suits your specific running style better!
  • I love the A5, wasn't crazy about the Adios since the toebox is really pointy and the shoe is extremely firm with a 10mm drop. Prefer the Hagio as a flat from Adidas.
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  • Way to prove me wrong, Pete ;)
  • Came all the way around on these and now waiting on my second pair to arrive (a certain UK site has them at a great price right now). What killed the first pair was not wear or any sort of defect, but after ~270 miles in 3 months, the last 250 of which were done without socks, they smell. Horribly. Second pair of New Balances that I've had the same issue with (other being MT00). They retain stink and mildew unlike any other running shoe I have ever owned. Since they are pretty much shot for smell, may try throwing them in the wash and air/newspaper drying them to get a bit more use out of them, but that didn't save the MT00s so not holding out hope. 

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