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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • Looking forward to trying these. A short run in my MR00 this morning reminded me of how great that shoe feels. It's not a bouncy shoe but it's not a stiff, slappy one either. It's the shoe for me that disappears on my feet in a way that even the lighter MIzuno Wave Universe doesn't. Although I really love the original MR10, if the MR10v2 is 4mm-drop version of the Minimus Road Zero then that isn't a bad thing at all.
  • I can't believe there is 77, now 78 posts on this shoe! Lol
  • I suppose I am partly to blame for that; my anticipations about this shoe has been rather high, and it has been a boring winter with little less to do but dream about spring. Speculating about a new shoe is almost as much fun as actually putting it on and go for a long run! Now that the shoe is available we quickly realize that it is a shoe - nothing more, nothing less.

    So now the wait for the next model begins :)
  • I know how that feels, Mishima.  That's how I've been about The One.
  • A few runs in, the fit is fine now. Only real complaint is that they need just a hint more stiffness. Found it very difficult to hammer out at a few tempo miles at the end of a 8 miler, and my arches were screaming. I hope the MT10s maintained their slight stiffness.

  • Don't know what to say about that really; I never expected it to be a racing flat type of shoe, but was hoping for a little cushioning over the MT10. Your experience seems to suggest that is the case, so I should be perfectly happy with it. Perhaps for you there is a need of another shoe for those tempo runs and intervals, while someone else who, like I, mostly do long-ish runs at a moderate pace will never notice the lack of stiffness.

  • I need to add more confusion into how the MR10 v2 fit, you'd excuse me... :)

    Right beside me I have a snug US 8 MT10, a generous and dreamingly comfortable US 8.5 MR00, and a, um, weirdly long? US 8 MR10 v2 that I continue to look but can't understand.

    While the other two shoes feel great (my feet have probably grown a bit since I got the MT10), the MR10 v2 is simply awkward. My feet clearly tilt inward when I stand. What could be the cause? These models, in theory, have the same last but somehow the MR10 v2 does not agree with my feet. Is it that I haven't found my size?

    It's a promising shoe, so I wouldn't like to surrender this soon... :)

    Does anyone observe anything similar?

  • Well, laeuferin, the only thing that is perfectly clear to me is that we all have very different feet and therefore also very different preferences :)

    On the floor beside me right now is a brand new pair of MR10v2's, fresh home from the store, and on my feet they are comfortably wide and yes, a bit long maybe, but that's what I prefer. Same size as my MT10's by the way. I haven't run in them yet as I will wait for better weather, but I can not feel any inward tilt, nor any other awkwardness - not even the "manufacturing flaw" I mentioned earlier in the thread. I think I will love this shoe!

    As for you, well, they have to fit your feet and if they don't then perhaps you should think twice about them. Maybe you will feel differently about them once you've "broken them in" a bit, but that is a chance you will have to take.
  • I got to try on the mr10v2 yesterday. Considering it for my next road shoe. The one thing that might be a drawback is it sees like it has a firm bump in the arch. Is it something anyone else notices, and does that feel go away during the run. I think I have low(ish) arches so I tend to notice arch sculpting. Sometimes its annoying.

    I will say that it feels like he grippiest sole I've ever felt. It's like he sole is made of tiny suction cups that absolutely grab the ground.
  • moglesby, have you tried the original MR10s?

    I've seen the v2s at my local store (through the glass because it was closed at the time) and I plan to try them in the next few days. Actually, I've noticed a raised arch bump in the first version of the MR10 as well. I also have low(ish) arches. I was apprehensive about that model because of it, but eventually I stopped noticing it to point that it eventually became a complete non-issue. I hope it doesn't become an issue with the v2.
  • I have not tried the original 10's.
  • I'll give my impressions of the v2 here after I've had the chance to try them out.
  • I'm curious if they got rid of that "dead" feeling the MR00's have.
  • @moglesby: I suppose I do feel a slight hint of an arch bump; I would have preferred a flat sole, but do not think it will bother me much. Strangely enough, that inwards slant that @laeuferin mentioned above, and that I at first dismissed, is actually noticeable now. The feeling is similar to that in the old 110's, but as that isn't a problem for me either, I don't expect to suffer from it in the MR10's.

    I know I do come off as rather blue eyed about this shoe, and maybe I should be a little more critical about its features, but it is my - albeit limited - experience that standing/walking in a shoe is one thing, but running in it is a completely different matter. I will therefore, like @tangovoxtrot, save any other comments until I've run a few miles in them.

  • Mishima, somehow, I'm happy to hear that my feet are not the problem! but rather the MR10 v2... :)

    I still have the shoes but, unfortunately, can't test them more than few steps at home... or I won't be able to send them back if they don't work. To be honest, they feel okay when I "run" on them and don't feel that inward tilting. However, it simply doesn't look right and I don't trust that it won't represent a problem after a number of kilometers with ankles rolling inwards...

    Could it be that the midfoot/arch area is narrower than the MR00? and thus, part of my foot doesn't find the sole and falls on the side...

    Strange. Pete, how much longer do we have to wait for your review? :)
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