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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • Nice to hear that, Bill!

    Yes, although I haven't run in the MR00 it was my impression that they are very similar in both look and feel, with the added bonus that the MR10 is wider. And the sockliner is very comfortable and soft. I wonder how it will smell after a few hot summer days ;)

    One caveat though: I noticed in a few of the different shoes/sizes I tried on that there was some rough spots where the midsole met the upper, mostly around the outside of the toe box. It was almost as if the material in the midsole was badly moulded or even too short, leaving an uneven surface. I don't know if it would be noticeable, that depends on how wide ones feet are I suppose, but I do have a similar "edge" in my left MT110 shoe that I can almost feel when I run. Doesn't cause blisters or hotspots, but it is a bit annoying none the less. If this is something I notice when I get my pairs, I will have them replaced.
  • If it makes you feel better I feel this edge however do not notice it during a run.
  • It makes me feel a little better :)  However, I still think that there is something wrong with the manufacturing process if that kind of fault is allowed. Some people may not notice it while others will.

    Anyway, a nice shoe that I look forward to run in!
  • I think I'm sending them back, having some fit issues. Ordered up a half size and they still feel too narrow while also too long, and this coming from an MT10 fanatic. Also, purely from walking around the house in them, get the impression that they are a bit dead and I need a faster shoe right now. Might try them in my normal size but at 2E on down the road. 
  • Sorry to hear that, but it's also a bit confusing as I can almost swear they are wider than the MT10. But if they don't work for you they don't. I take it you are using a D width in the MT10 as well? At least you in the US have the option to go for a 2E instead, though that usually just means a wider upper on top of a D width sole, so might not be a better solution. Hope you find something else that you like.

  • Other than the metatarsal band (which didn't bother me as much as others), the platform for the toebox in the MT10 has always been comfortable, if not as massively wide as more cushioned shoes. These seem noticeably narrower than the MT10 through the toebox. Yes, both D width. 
    No big deal, not desperate for a new shoe just now though I had hopes these could be a half-marathon option for Atlanta. Likely will just return and get a flat for now. 
  • Ben, which half are you running in Atlanta?
  • The Publix/Georgia half on St Pats. I know, last second for shoe choice...
  • I should have done Publix instead of Locomotive Kennesaw. At least the weather might be better.

  • Swapped them at a local NB store for more normal size, feels much better. Will be able to do 5 miles or so tonight to see how they feel. Be skeptical of Shoefitr, folks. 
  • Not sure I follow the logic in this, but it's been a long day so bear with me... So you downsized to your normal size, and they fit you better than the larger size...? Even width wise? Well, glad it works for you ;)
  • Shoefitr works well (for me at least) as long as the shoe I have to base it off of fits well to perfectly.
  • The Shoefitr for the MR10v2 could not be more off in my book. It recommended I get a full size bigger (12.5). I wear a 11.5 and the 11.5 I got fits me big! Definitely get your normal size if you have wide feet or size down if you are narrow.
  • ShoeFitr suggested MR10v2 9.5s for size 9s in the PureGrit1, MT10 and MT00 (all normal width); it suggested 10s for size 9 Kinvara3 and PureDrift. Instead, like every other shoe, 9 works best. ShoeFitr gave me similar consternation in the past, and I normally prefer to go off of reviewers notes, but there hasn't been much said about this shoe just yet. 

    Mishima: they still feel snug, but that's just the Minimus way and me being more used to the Kinvara, PureDrift and PureDrift2 (wear testing) currently. More so than a narrow fit, I really dislike the feeling of a "long" fit. Even in my normal size it still feels a tad bit long, as Bill points out. 
  • I actually expected to size up in the MR10v2 based on my current MT10 size; I wanted a little wider shoe and thought I could live with it being longer instead. When I first got the UK 9.5 (US 10) on it looked like something a clown could wear without being embarrassed - very wide and very long! Even my normal size UK 9 felt large at first, but I decided that I could not risk the 8.5 being too small, so I will stick to the same size I use in the MT10 and MT110. I think you may be right about it being a little too long, but it doesn't matter to me.
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