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New Balance Minimus MR10v2



  • Now that you mention you really think the outsole was the reason the MR00 lacked any sort of bounce?
  • No, I think the midsole material, I find similar issues with some of their flats.
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  • That's what I was leaning towards, too.  I was surprised to hear someone theorize that the outsole was to blame.
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    Mea culpa. Replace "Vibram sole" with "midsole" in my earlier post. It shouldn't be a huge issue for me in any case because I kind of liked how the MR00 "disappeared" on my feet in a way that even the Mizuno Wave Universe doesn't, for example.

    The thought is crossing my mind because it looks like the MR10 is getting a MR00-style makeover. Not entirely a bad thing either because I think the MR00 has a very well-designed upper but I just hope that the MR10v2 remains distinguishable from the MR00.
  • Speaking of the upper in the MR10v2, is there a risk that it is in any way reminiscent of the material in the MT00 or the MT20v2 (as discussed in Pete's review of the latter)? It is really hard to judge from the available pictures, but doesn't the upper look a little more... "rigid", than the MR00's upper? There is a sort of firmness to it, and the outer seems to be a bit shiny compared to the softer MR00. Since it is a road shoe there really is no need for NB to go the Trail route in these, but there seems to be a good deal of experimenting with different materials right now, and some of them works less well than others. Let's hope that this isn't one of those.

    They are available here in Sweden now, online, but probably not in any store close to me (living in the countryside means no stores close by at all :)). I will look for them next time I dress up and go to town though ;)

  • I found this review of the MR10v2:

    The reviewer seems to love both the original MR10 and the MR00. Says the MR10v2 sole is similar in feel to the MR00, so that could be a bad sign for those of us who think it lacks pop.

    I hope the price isn't really $125. That would price me out of this shoe (although maybe that's a good thing, given the new info about the sole). Maybe it's just because this seller is selling them before an official release.
  • Thank you Dan, have been looking for reviews myself but didn't stumble upon that one! Not a very thorough effort, but his main point did come through - they are more like the MR00 than most of us here would prefer. In his opinion anyway; I will still buy it and hopefully never have anything negative to say about it.

    As far as the Amazon dealer you are referring to goes, I think you will find that ActivInstinct is actually a British store, and that the high price would include shipping to the US and possibly even toll fees. Most NB shoes seems to be around $100 when bought from, and slightly cheaper from various stores and retailers. They are but a few pounds more expensive in the UK than the MR00, but that is rather natural as it is a new model.
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    More info can be found here

    Highlights include:
    • Some new colorways that are nicer than those previously unveiled.
    • Confirmation that they are built on the same last as the previous MR10, the NL-1. This is welcome news for runners with wide feet who found the last of the Minimus Zero  MR00 to be too narrow in the midfoot and forefoot.
    • Typical criticism of the previous model on display as well - "We found the previous model to be much too thick and too similar to a
      standard running shoe. The newly improved sole unit and lightweight
      design make the shoe an excellent choice for transitioning into barefoot running." I'm pretty fatigued of all the talk about "transitioning into barefoot running" since I have no personal desire to ever do that.
  • Thanks tangovoxtrot! I suppose that is down to preferences, as I much prefer the colours available in Europe right now :) It would seem to me that the colourways differ between markets as well, so that depends on where you are living I presume.
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    Wear Tested (Minimalist Running Shoes) have tried both the new 10v2 models, and although the review is rather brief, it would seem that the cushioning in the MR10v2 is a little better than the MT00. "Actually, it feels much closer to running in the Minimus Zero Road but with slightly more cushioning." 

    It is also nice to hear that virtually nothing, except the weight, has changed in the Trail v2, so it will remain my go to shoe for almost all conditions and surfaces!  

  • Runners World reviewed the MR10v2 in their latest issue, but it's not online yet. Forget the exact details, but one worrying note is that the forefoot is apparently narrower than MR00. 
  • That is rather worrying! The MR10v2 is using the same last as the MT10, so it should be wider rather than narrower than the MR00, which was based on a different last. Still, in the picture taken from above in the Wear Tested review, it looks a bit narrow-ish. The outsole on the other hand looks sufficiently foot shaped. Guess the only way to know is to try it oneself.
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    I have also read the review in the March issue of RW and the impression I get is that if you were able to wear the MR10, the v2 should not cause any problems. The comment about the fit was that runners with a wide forefoot may find their out toes cramped because of the way the toe box slants into the foot. This was exactly the same problem that some runners had with the original MR10. The v2 is built on the same last as the original, NL-1.

    The review did not compare the fit of the v2 with the MR00. The MR00 was built on a different last NL-0 that was narrow across the forefoot and the midfoot.

    These shoes do seem to run small though. What I do with these Minimus models is go up half a size compared to shoes from other manufacturers. With the MR00, I also need a 2E width. However, with the MR10, I can wear the standard D width.

  • My mistake. I didn't have the issue with me when I wrote the comment.
  • No problem, Dan. Not having tried the shoe personally, I suspect that they will fit similarly to the original Minimus Road, but that's just a guess. With the radical redesign, who knows? The MR00 has a very soft upper but still managed to be somewhat narrow and restrictive with the overlay across the forefoot. I hope the MR10v2 will have a sufficiently roomy forefoot.
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