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New Balance Minimus MR10v2

edited November 2012 in New Balance
Running Warehouse just put up a post about the second generation NB Minimus MR10 - looks like a big improvement to a shoe than never really clicked with me:


  • Really excited about these and the Hi Rez. Hi Rez most notably looks like a great causal wear/recovery shoe.
  • High-rez does look like an interesting shoe - durability will be the question as I have had issues with the MT00. going ultralight can be problematic if quality is not excellent.
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  • They look neat, but seriously...why won't anyone realize that you'd sell more if you'd stop making people pay more for less shoe?  That's why the stripped versions of sports cars never sell!
  • That's why I tend to favor road racing flats these days - prices are much more reasonable and durability often better.
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  • Since these are just two months away, shouldn't there start to appear reviews of them soon? I certainly hope that Pete will be all over them as soon as he can manage a pair ;)

    Incidentally I found two Australian stores who claim to have them in stock already - a scam, wishful thinking or have they simply been released earlier in Australia because of the reversed season?

  • It seems when companies like Brooks or Saucony release a new shoe, reviews will appear before the actual release date. I think this is true because they have more aggressive marketing towards running specialty than New Balance. They seem to "give away" more shoes to bloggers and others who will do reviews on their products before the actual release date to spur excitement about the shoes. It doesn't seem like New Balance does this as often.

    Just my opinion...
  • Wish I could find someone to give me shoes to review, lol
  • I hear ya...can't even be a wear tester at a size 11.5! Lol
  • Almost all manufacturers send out review pairs prior to release, including NB. NB tends to have tighter controls on when they allow reviews to be posted though, usually right before the release occurs. I actually only developed contact with Brooks in the past few months. Right now I buy about half of my shoes myself, and the other half come from manufacturers (usually via PR firms representing the manufacturers).

    For a shoe company it makes good sense to provide review pairs as it's cheap advertising (just the cost it took to make the shoe). Ethical bloggers can't accept money in exchange for reviews, whereas if a company wanted to advertise on a site it would cost a lot more. They take a gamble in that the review may not be positive, but if they believe in their product it's probably worth the risk.
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  • I totally agree. It is great advertising. I look to reviews from knowledgeable runners like you, who run in similar shoes, before I purchase my running shoes. A shiny magazine add looks nice, but doesn't tell me the pros and cons of the shoe.
  • It's interesting how it all works. I remember getting my first review pair about 3 years ago and not believing such a thing was possible! I had no idea what a PR firm was, how marketers work, etc. I now get emails almost every day from people wanting me to try stuff or review products. I turn probably 75% of what I'm offered down. Just yesterday I was contacted by a company that makes tasers!
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  • That's funny. Hmmm...maybe fear of getting tased would make me run faster! Lol
  • Strictly speaking there really isn't any point in reading a review on a shoe that you can't yet buy. I actually sometimes feel that we are being fed information and pictures of next generation gear just a little too far in advance; it makes the wait rather tedious. But judging by general comments about upcoming models it seems to produce a stronger craving for the product - just knowing that it is coming, that someone out there is actually running in it right now, but that you will have to wait for it for weeks or months, only increases the need for it!

    So, back on topic, we will just have to wait until NB gives the go ahead on releasing the reviews on the MR10v2, be it in a month or two. I sure hope it is worth the wait ;)
  • To your point, Mishima, I think the reviews are well placed.  If you think about when shoe companies put out new shoes, it's normally (for me at least) right about the time I need new shoes.  The reviews are out a month or so before my shoes are completely shot, so it gives me an idea of what I might want to try out when I replace my existing kicks.

    Just a thought.
  • Came across this link to an Australian vendor that has the MR10v2:

    The Running Warehouse blog said the stack heights for this would be about the same as the MR10s. Anyone know what that was? From the photos on the site above it doesn't look like it has much more cushioning than the MR00.
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