Brooks Drift, Mizuno Evo Levitas, Mizuno Evo Cursoris: Comparative Review by Fred Brossard

Guest review by Fred Brossard: Fred Brossard is a French expert on minimalist running. He is the co-author of the book “Barefoot, Minimalism, Natural Running” (Ed Amphora) and is a freelance writer and gear reviewer for The French representatives for both Mizuno and Brooks Running recently gave me the chance to be the first […]

The Brooks Launch Has Been Spared!

I just received a Twitter message from my friend Brad alerting me to a new post on the Brooks Running Blog. The post breaks the news that Brooks have decided to spare the Launch! If you aren’t aware of the recent chain of events with regard to the Launch, Brooks decided earlier this year that […]

Brooks Pure Cadence 2 Review: First Run Thoughts

A few weeks ago I got a cryptic email from Brooks asking for my shoe size and mailing address. It’s been awhile since I’ve had contact with Brooks, but was hoping that maybe I’d be the recipient of a pre-release sample of the new Pure Drift zero drop shoe. I recently saw that Scott Jurek […]

Brooks Pure Grit Trail Shoe Review

The lightweight trail running shoe category has been exploding with good options lately, and over the past month or so I’ve done a fair amount of my running in Brooks’ first contribution to this niche: the Brooks Pure Grit (8.9 oz in size 9). The Grit belongs to the Brooks Pure Project suite of shoes, […]

Brooks Pure Flow Running Shoe Review

When Brooks first announced its Pure Project line of more minimalist footwear, I was initially most curious about the Connect, which was supposedly the most stripped down of the models in the Pure Project lineup. Unfortunately, I found the Connect to be both too narrow, and the contour of the sole underfoot was just a […]

Brooks Pure Connect: Too Narrow for My Feet

**Update: I have now posted a guest review of the new Brooks PureConnect 2. The upper of the update apparently allows a bit more give than the shoe described in this post. After much fanfare and anticipation, Brooks finally released its Pure Project line of running shoes last month. Brooks has been careful to avoid […]

Brooks PureProject – Marketing Gone Awry

Brooks has made a splash over the past few weeks with the announcement of their PureProject line of running shoes (set to be released this Fall). While I applaud the arrival of more choice for runners from yet another shoe company, something just isn’t sitting right with me regarding Brooks’ approach to unveiling these shoes […]

Brooks Running Pure Project: Brooks to Introduce a New Line of Minimalist Shoes

I was just alerted yesterday to a new post on the Brooks Running blog where they announced their plans to jump into the minimalist shoe market with a collection called the PureProject (thanks @ZakBranigan!). The Brooks post is an interesting one, and I actually find their approach to be positive in a number of ways. […]

Shoe Review: Brooks Mach 12 Cross-Country Racing Flat

Amid the rush of new so-called minimalist shoes hitting the market (or soon to arrive in stores), it’s easy to overlook the fact that just about every shoe manufacturer already makes shoes that fit pretty squarely in this category (depending on how you define minimalist – some prefer to call these “reduced” or “transitional” shoes). […]

Review of Brooks Mach 11 Spikeless Cross Country Racing Flat

Not too long ago I wrote a post extolling the virtues of spikeless cross country racing flats as more minimalist running shoes. At the time that I wrote that article I hadn’t put very many miles in while wearing a XC flat, but lately I’ve been finding that my Brooks Mach 11 spikeless flats have […]