Gravity Defyer Sperm Shoe
A good logo can do a lot for brand recognition. When it comes to shoes, iconic logos like the Nike swoosh or adidas stripes are instantly recognizable, and more than a few shoes are sold simply because of the cool-factor associated with their presence. On the other hand, a bad logo can leave a brand open to ridicule, and in some cases can even lead to stores refusing to carry their shoes. Such was the case with the brand Gravity Defyer. A few years ago I would often see web ads for Gravity Defyer shoes, and had to chuckle at the fact that they had what appeared to be a sperm logo on the sides: I suspect that wearing a shoe with a sperm on the side is an effective form of contraception. The shoes feature springs in the heel, as well as trampolines and stabilizers, and were often featured in the more >>
Thu, Dec 31, 2015
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Dog bite bandage
My most unexpected Christmas gift this year was a 3 hour trip to the emergency room. Fortunately Santa Claus was not the giver of this cruel present. Rather, it was received from a large German Shepherd that I encountered while out on a run on Christmas Day. I've been running on the trails behind my house for around 8 years. It's a short trail network along the Merrimack River, and it's a favorite spot for dog walkers and families. I've grown accustomed to dogs being off-leash over the years, and I often run with my own dog (a black lab named Jack) on these trails. Until last week, I've never had an issue with a dog causing trouble. Most are content to give a sniff and go on their way. Some will chase Jack and play for a bit. None have ever be threatening to me or Jack. On Christmas Day 2015 more >>
Tue, Dec 29, 2015
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Topo Athletic has evolved quite a bit in the few short years since their inception late in 2012. Their first offerings were Tabi style shoes that featured a separated big toe. Pete has a great intro into Topo and his thoughts on the original Tabi versions in his review of the MT. My history with Topo is similar. I tried on the RT a while back, but just couldn't bring myself to run in them. I had an extensive history with Vibram FiveFingers in my early running years, even running my first marathon in a pair of KSOs, so I'm not one to turn away from a product just because it's different. I've run in the now discontinued M-ST, which was Topo's first non-tabi road shoe, and also ran in the original MT. Fast forward a year and Topo has made some big improvements, more >>
Mon, Dec 21, 2015
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I've had a pretty long history with the adidas adizero XT line, having run in all of the XT models except for the first one (still keeping my eye on eBay for a pair). The shoes have evolved somewhat from the XT 2 and 3, which had a very versatile, all-mountain outsole that still runs super smooth on trails. XT 4 was more of a fell/mountain shoe with a fair bit of structure to it, and the XT 5 (review here) ran more like a marathon racing shoe with a few trail specific additions. The XT Boost sets out in uncharted territory with a completely unique upper design, and the addition of Boost for the first time in the XT line. Read on to see how it turned out. Discolsure: The shoes were provided free-of-charge for review by adidas. Specs Price: $140 Weight: 260 g (9.2 oz) size 9 men, 230 more >>
Thu, Dec 10, 2015
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Nike Lunartempo Square
My mileage has been relatively low for the past few months as teaching (loving it!) and family responsibilities have taken up a lot of my time, but most of the miles I have run recently have been in the Nike Lunartempo (formerly called the Lunar Trainer – my pair still has this name printed on the tongue). The Lunartempo is a shoe that I heard raves about from fellow runners in the Running Shoe Geeks group on Facebook, and based on this feedback I couldn't resist giving them a try. They're a shoe that has grown on me with continued use, and I've been impressed by their versatility – it's a shoe that should suit a wide variety of runners, and they should appeal to fans of shoes like the Saucony Kinvara, Skechers GoRun, and New Balance Zante/Boracay. Specs Per Running Warehouse, the Nike Lunartempo weigh in at 6.8 oz, and stack more >>
Tue, Dec 08, 2015
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Very smooth and "hi-tech" looking upper with a view of the sensor embedded in the midsole.
Back in early August I had the fantastic opportunity to go to the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City for the first time and check out the new shoes that are coming out late winter/early spring. Below are the road training shoes I had the opportunity to see at the show. Of note, Outdoor Retailer tends to attract more trail/outdoor oriented shoe brands and not all running shoe companies were present. Notably, Nike, ASICS, and Mizuno were not present so I don't have any info on their 2016 releases. Below is a selection of mostly neutral, training/performance road shoes that I feel didn't fall into my previously published road racing shoe preview. I have one more forthcoming shoe preview from this years' Outdoor Retail that will cover new mountain running shoes I saw. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions below! Altra IQ – weight 8.6 oz men, more >>
Mon, Dec 07, 2015
Source: Runblogger
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  1. Need trail shoe advice…how is the Saucony Nomad TR? I currently run in the Kinvara.

  2. Hi! Landed on one of ur 2012 posts about your wife asking about the Altra Zero Drop Women’s Intuition 1.5 tonight as I was looking for just that shoe. My heart sunk cause it’s 3years later…. But here goes.. So I fell in love with them back then too, but they don’t make ’em anymore, they were the only shoe I ran injury free in – ever – and I’ve been ALL over the internet trying to dig up the last (or 5!) pair I possibly could. 1) any idea if they exist in cyberspace anywhere?? And 2) if not, have u discovered a TRUE equivalent? Anything Altra Zero Drop made after the 1.5’s are just SO different and uncomfortable. I tried pursuing this with them but never got passed an indifferent sales rep who said she’d send my inquiries up the ladder… Really don’t think she did. So sad… If u know anything at all about this shoe I am ALL ears. And grateful!

    • Not aware of any still in existence online. You might take a look at the Altra 3-Sum, probably the closest thing to the old 1.5 that they currently make. You might also take a look at some of the Topo shoes, a few might fit the bill.

  3. I am desperate for help finding anyone who can help me find he proper shoes for my gait ~ which is very “unique”. Despite professional training for help with my mechanics I still run like a duck. Years of this has messed up my back. I’ve been analyzed and told I am an overpronator .Any suggestions on shoes I might consider? I love the HOKA’s (Clifton) but think they might be wrong choice.

  4. Thanks Peter for the sizing update on the A6 – you are right- the A5’s are the perfect shoe!… and the A6 are finally coming down in price- I intend to snatch up the A6 in 1/2 size down.
    Professor Komodore
    Denver, Co

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