Do Runner’s Know Their Arch Height and Amount of Pronation, and Does it Matter?: Study #2


Last week I posted the results of a study published in a conference proceedings back in 2003 that addressed the question of whether runners’ self-assessment of their degree of pronation was accurate or not (i.e., do they know if they overpronate). Their conclusion was that most runners have very poor knowledge of how much they […]

Runblogger’s Blogroll

Update 7/9/2013 – The blogroll that resided here recently died when Google Reader was formally shut down. I am currently working on a new solution – stay tuned!

Race Recap: New PR at the Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon!


One of my most vivid memories from high school was having to complete the 3-mile run in under 21 minutes on the track to make the varsity soccer team. I did it, but just barely (it hurt!), and I can remember teammates puking after they crossed the finish-line. I’m way more competitive with myself than […]

The Honorable Clan of the Long-Distance Runner: Great Article by Amby Burfoot and George Hirsch

I’d like to alert you to an excellent article on running in the New York Times. Written by Amby Burfoot and George Hirsch, the article takes a somewhat philosophical look at what it means to be a runner, and why recent events in the running world such as Kip Litton’s cheating and Paul Ryan’s exaggerated […]

Running Changes Lives: Louise Cunningham’s Story


One of the things that I absolutely love about writing this blog is meeting people through it who have changed their lives by starting to run. Louise Cunningham is one such person. I met Louise (or Weez) this summer at a running workshop that I co-hosted here in Concord, NH – she drove all the […]