Slow Motion Gait Analysis – You Be the PT


My friend Lauren is a chronically injured runner. In her case, ITBS on her left leg has been the issue that has plagued her on and off for nearly 10 years. Though she might not admit it herself, Lauren is also a phenomenal runner – easily one of the top female runners currently in the […]

Brooks PureProject – Marketing Gone Awry


Brooks has made a splash over the past few weeks with the announcement of their PureProject line of running shoes (set to be released this Fall). While I applaud the arrival of more choice for runners from yet another shoe company, something just isn’t sitting right with me regarding Brooks’ approach to unveiling these shoes […]

Brooks PureProject Details and Shoe Images Released


Update 10/24/2011: I share my thoughts on the Brooks Pure Connect here. Brooks released details today about it’s upcoming PureProject line of minimalist running shoes (thanks to Zak as well as Ransacker for the details!). I wrote about the Brooks PureProject a few weeks back, so I’ll keep my comments here brief. I don’t know […]