Chi Running Survey: Request from Mark Cucuzzella and Danny Dreyer


My friend Mark Cucuzzella is conducting a survey about Chi Running in conjunction with Chi Running founder Danny Dreyer. I had the opportunity to meet Danny at the recent running injury conference I attended in Shepherdstown, WV, and was able to participate in a short, one hour Chi Running workshop with him. I was impressed […]

New Science on Running Barefoot vs. in Low Drop Shoes: Effects on Ground Impact


Today on the Peak Performance blog Amby Burfoot discusses a new study by a research team at the University of Massachusetts headed up by running biomechanist Dr. Joseph Hamill (see abstract here). The study is an interesting contribution to our knowledge of how running shoes affect the way we impact the ground while we run, […]

Sportline Duo 1060 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review


A few months back I was contacted by a marketing representative for Sportline about reviewing one of their heart rate monitor watches. Normally I would have declined a review like this since I have two heart rate monitors that I’m quite happy with (the Timex Road Trainer was my everyday watch, and I use a […]