Gear Review: RecoFit Calf Compression Sleeves and Arm Coolers


Several months ago I posted a review of a pair of Zensah calf compression sleeves that were sent to me to test out. My review was very positive, and in that post I did a brief overview of the science behind how compression garments are supposed to be of benefit to runners. I’m still not […]

Saucony Hattori Zero-Drop Wear Testers Wanted


Last week I put up a short post about a new minimalist shoe that Saucony currently has in development. The Saucony Hattori is a 4.4 oz, zero-heel-lift shoe that represents one of the first forays by one of the big shoe manufacturers into the zero-drop market. Shortly after publishing my post, I received an email […]

Shoe Reviews: Mizuno Wave Universe and Mizuno Wave Ronin


I’m going to do something of a departure from my norm here and review two shoes in a single post. My reason for opting to do this is twofold: 1. both pairs of shoes were provided to me by the same manufacturer at the same time (disclosure – these we both test samples provided free […]